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Lorna has a well deserved reputation as one of the leading choreographers in the industry after winning her first ever competition Miss Pole Dance UK 2013 and then choreographing Yvette Dusol's winning performance in 2014.

Lorna is an elite competitive pole dancer and is a regular on the judging scene. Giving Lorna the understanding of how to work with competition rules whilst still being creative and original.

Lorna's obsession with movement and passion for music, enabled lorna to learn the art of dance quickly and in turn establishing a fresh approach to choreography for others to follow.

The competition for originality is ever increasing and dancers strive to create new and exciting ways to attract audiences. With a plethora of experience working around the globe, Lorna Walker collaborates with artists from a variety of disciplines to produce interactive dance experiences that inspire and intrigue audiences.

Lorna has helped choreograph many routines for dancers within the industry. Including but not limited to:

*Lorna Walker - Pole Theatre Germany 2017 - Pro Drama Winner

*Leah Rose Clarke - Pole Theatre UK 2017 - Pro Classique Finalist

*Sarah Scott - Beyond Gravity Performance 2017

*Holly Munson - MPD Semi Pro 2017 - Winner

*Karrie Hammersley - Miss Pole Essex 2017 - Pro Winner

*Lisa Hammond - Pole Theatre Semi Pro 2017 - Art Winner

*Hannah Robson - Pole Theatre Amateur 2017  Classique Winner

*Lisa Hammond - UKPPC 2016 Pro Best Choreo

*Lisa Hammond - Heir to the Chrome Pro Winner 2016

*Jodie Oldfield - P4F Advanced Winner 2016

*Steph Hewwit - P4F  Intermediate Winner 2016

*Yvette & Jade - Worlds 2016 Doubles Winner 

*Lorna Walker - UKPPC 2015 Elite Best Choreo 

*Yvette & Jade - MPD 2015 Doubles Winner

*Lynda Barksby - Pole Theatre Amateur Comedy Heat 2014 Winner

*Yvette Dusol - MPD 2014 Elite Womens Final Winner

*Lona Walker MPD 2013 Elite Womens Final Winner

*Jen Bradley - Emma's Pole Dancing Competition 2012 Beginners Final Winner

*Becky Pearson- Pole Diva's 2009 Beginners Final Winner

*Laura Pearon - Pole Diva's 2009 Beginners Semi Final Winner

Choreography Packages:

Lorna offers a range of choreography packages and private lessons, for all levels, dance styles abilities and occasions. Please get in touch for full details.

Award Winning Choreographer

Offering individual choreography for all occasions

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